Children Activities

… to explore a vegetable garden, to paint pebbles, to dig the soil with bare hands and plant a flower, to dive into the sea to see the live fish, to watch a butterfly, to play hide-and-seek in the bushes and around the trees, to have and enjoy space and freedom, not only for some hours but all the time.

It is important to give children all these things which are no longer part of a city life over the last 40 years. Quality, space, company and freedom!

That’s why, we have cared to ensure the most important thing: Safety! (I won’t go on detailing this here.) Then, we decided that the inner private camping road, (a paved road), will become a dedicated, huge cycling track for our young campers.

The third thing we have included, in order to complete this children project, is to have a trained person on a daily basis supporting the children in their activities, games, arts and crafts in the playing fields and playground from 2:30pm to 5:30 pm (no extra cost for this service).

Each day closes with a screening for children in our improvised cinema. So, we meet there every night at 9:00 pm (no extra cost for this service).

Besides our daily schedule, we also organize excursions in our fields and premises in order to be able to discover plants, trees and herbs the Greek nature is offering. Such as oregano, sage, lavender etc., or a treasure hunt or something else (no extra cost for this service).

Joy and fantasy are the ingredients we need and there is plenty of that! That’s why during this year 2023, our plan is to construct also a very innovative playground for our young friends and a raft in the seawater for their dives.

And last but not least in importance mentioning, is that when the children enjoy themselves and are independent in their activities because of the provided safety, then their parents also greatly enjoy themselves and have lots of free time as well!

Treasure hunt

Theater show

Treasure hunt for "big" children