Yoga sessions

Hatha Yoga, (in Sanskrit: “Discipline of Force”), stresses mastery of the body through body postures, breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana) as a way of attaining a state of spiritual perfection in which the mind is withdrawn from external objects.

It is suitable for beginners.

The visitor can choose between individual or group sessions upon request at the reception desk. 

Participation fee:15euros 

Print and fill in the following application form.

A short CV of the yoga instructor

My name is Euaggelia Fardella. I was born and raised in Athens. I began my yoga journey in a Hatha Yoga class in 2003, when I realised that it was something much deeper than just a form of work out. 

The pursuit of what yoga truly is, led me to attend the yoga teacher training in order to acquire the knowledge, the philosophy, to check if it really suits me and to enrich my insight through practice not only on a physical but also on a more personal spiritual level.

I completed the yoga teacher training (200hr) with Christos Harikiopoulos,a yoga instructor, in Ayama Yoga House. Moreover, I have attended a number of seminars such as, Yoga Nidra, NLP, Mindfulness with Valerie Saierand Vinyasa Flow yoga with Katerina Spyropoulou.

As knowledge never ends, I am still attending seminars and my goal is to share my knowledge with those who really need it and truly desire it.