Reservation Policy

a) Reservations are made at least 15 prior to your arrival date.

b) It goes without saying that at our reception desk we always cater campers who have not made any reservations.

c) Reservations are made ONLY by e-mail providing the details (dates, number of persons, if there are any children, if there is a pet to get special permission etc). After our response, we arrange the deposit.

d) The deposit is refundable provided the cancelation is made 15 days prior to your arrival date.

e) You cannot reserve a specific spot. We reserve ‘a’ spot. Of course, we note any requests and if it is possible, we make it happen.

Further explanation of our Reservation Policy and the thoughts behind our spot arrangement.


I made a system to keep the balance, although I hurt some people’s feelings who consider themselves something special. My purpose is to ensure impartiality and treat every camper equally here in Camping Rovies. The ‘regular’ campers do not have any priority over the newcomers. Camping Rovies does not operate to facilitate 30-50 regular campers, otherwise I would have turned it into a camping for regulars. 

All our premises are on the beach. All our premises are in shade. All our spots have water and power supply. All our campers are charged the same and have the same rights.



Campings differ from hotels in a specific way: The majority visit a camping without making any reservations, or they change their mind and instead of 3 days they stay 10 in the end. As a result, it is not possible to know exactly which spots will be empty on a specific date.

For this reason, especially, from 20th July and onwards it is not possible to ask for a specific spot on a specific date. Even if the receptionist agreed,  it would be a lie because it is impossible to know if it will be empty. 

A reservation reserves ‘a’ spot, NOT a specific spot.

When a reservation is made, we note any requests which we are more than willing to cater for, upon availability.


Whether the campers are couples or families, plays an important role regarding the reservations as there are seperate sections respectively. That means, even if there is an empty spot in the couples section, we will not give it to a family.


In our camping applies the fisrt reserved-first served policy. In other words, if 2 campers arrive on the same date and have requested a spot near the beach but there is only one available at that time, then the camper who had made the resarvation fisrt, has priority.