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Camping Destination

Camping Rovies has always been a well known and loved place by the public since its foundation in 1987. It has been always been ranked as one among the 10 top campsites in Greece because of its location by the sea, because of its forest of mulberry, pine and olive trees covering with their shade all camp alleys and because of its huge, autonomous camp spots.

But what makes it so special since 2015? (Read more)

Live within the Nature

To live in a place full of fragrant flowers, bushes, and trees instead of a concrete, scentless box… to feel the sea breeze or the fresh air coming from the mountains instead of feeling the conditioned air of a city flat or the exhaust fumes of the traffic… to watch a breathtaking sunset instead of watching TV… (Read more)

Outdoor activities

Within striking distance of our camping premises (15′-30′) there are Monasteries, historical sights, museums, picturesque villages and breathtaking natural landscapes to visit.

There’s a wide variety of activities to choose from. You can go for a dive in hot springs, for fishing, scuba diving or snorkeling. For SUP, kayaking, rappelling or canyoning in Evia’s gorges. For cycling or even for exploring 4×4 off-road routes in the near mountains.

Northern Evia can fulfill all tastes… (Read more)


A big family

Camping Rovies isn’t an impersonal tourist accommodation. It’s an accommodation based on the home village philosophy where every summer it’s residents are coming back to refresh themselves and to experience the ideal reality.

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