Regulations for our campers

Dear camper, 

Camping Rovies has been operating since 1987 with some regulations in line with the GNTO and the laws of the state. These ensure the safety, calmness and smooth living of the campers.


1. Upon your arrival you read (and get) the regulations, you sign that you are aware and from then on you are responsible for any violation.

2. Upon your arrival, you are informed of your daily billing, you sign (so agree) and then no change can be made.

3. The Camping gate opens for 8:00 pm in the morning and ends 24:00 exactly. It does not open in the middle except for medical reasons (someone has to go to a doctor. Pedestrians can cross the gate but no vehicle can.

4. You need to keep the areas clean (camping and beach), use the buckets and baskets etc. for your garbage. There are everywhere bins, dustbins and baskets. You use garbage bags for big bins.

5. Every move of car, bicycle, motorbike is prohibited in the campsite after 24:00.

6. You need to keep hours of common silence by showing respect for other campers [15:00 -17:00 and 24:00-7:00]

7. Every kind of soap (except some organic) infects the trees and plants and pollute the sea. Therefore, it is forbidden to wash at the drinking water taps or to make a full shower on the beach showers. There are specific facilities for launderette, for washing clothes or for individual washing.

8. Anyone who has a pet follows special pet regulations.

9. Fire in the camping or on the beach is only allowed after a briefing at the reception desk to indicate the appropriate place.

10. It is forbidden any kind of intervention or destruction in the trees, plants and flowers within the campsite. (cutting, screws, nails, etc.)

11. It is forbidden to change pitch without the permission of the reception.

12. It is forbidden to steal or move any kind of decorative, wood, stone, etc. that you will see in the campsite. Everything belongs to the campsite and they have a role.

13. You are responsible and compensated for any damage (if you cause) within the Campsite.

14. The Manager and the Receptionists can ask you to leave if they see that you continue to violate one or more of the previous internal regulations.


I wish you a nice stay. If a subject occurs, staff are always available to help you. 

Yours sincerely 

Thanos Dermatakis (owner of Camping Rovies)