Massage Treatment

Our associate, professional specialist Ioannis Zarifis,delivers the massage treatments either in our premises or at his heavenlysite in Aedipsos with a sea view where one has the chance to combine a massage sessionwith a dive in the public thermal baths.

1) Relaxing full body massage

This treatment offers relaxation and wellness and relieves stress.

2) Aromatotherapy with essential oils

Aromatherapy massage is the type of Swedish massage that uses essential oils. Its main focusing is relaxation and mindfulness. During an aromatherapy massage, you both inhale these essential oil molecules and absorb them through your skin. In addition, deep tissue massage puts emphasis on areas of the body where you might be suffering from high muscle tension or pain.

3) Alternative Physiotherapy

This treatment alleviates musculoskeletal pain. It is beneficial to joints, muscles and blood circulation. It acts in both nervous and respiratory system.

4) Therapeutic massage

It reduces stress and elicits feelings of calm and deep relaxation. Moreover, it relieves muscle aches and improves sleep disorders.

5) Sports massage

It reduces tension in muscles and improves circulation. It helps promote recovery and reduces the chance of muscle injury.

6) Lymphatic massage

It relieves swelling and prevents cellulite.

7) Indian massage head-neck-face

It uses acupressure massage on the head, neck and face. It reduces tension build-up around these areas. It also reduces headaches. Finally, it combats daily anxiety and strain.

8) Reflexology

It reduces stress and anxiety. It lifts your mood and improves your general well-being. Also, it boosts your immune system.

9) Shiatsu

It is a form of Japanese bodywork based on concepts in traditional Chinese Medicine such as Qi Meridian. It reduces muscle stiffness, stimulates the skin and influences the nervous system.

10) Massage with black soap

It increases blood flow and lymph circulation. It also tones the muscles and tissues.

11) Cupping massage therapy 

It reduces pain, muscle tightness and inflammation, improves blood flow and increases range of motion.

Note: The treatments are held upon appointment either by calling Mr. Zarifis or upon request at the reception desk.

A resume for Mr. Zarifis

Professional Physiotherapist – Fitness Therapist – Personal Massage Therapist – Massage-Alternative Therapist

Since 2010 he has been an associate of Aedipsos EOT-ETA in physiotherapy department.

From 2014 to 2017 he has worked as physiotherapist in PHYSIOpro, Attica.

He has worked in ATTIKO and IASO Athens based Hospitals.

Mob: +30 6938308252

e-mail :

address: Iliou 28, Loutra Aedipsos (15′ away from our premises)