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Nilea’s Ravine aka Boulovinena’s Ravine or Arapis Ravine (black in Greek). The name Arapis (Negro) comes from an ancient legend. The legend has it that the sheep which drank water in Nilea’s river banks, gave birth only to black sheep. Respectively, the name Boulovinena belonged to a woman who was a heroic figure of the Greek Revolution in Evia.

The ravine is located in a wooded area among the villages Strafi, Amelantes, Aghia Anna, Palaiovrisi and Kerameia in North Evia. The ravine is 10 kilometers long and you can cross it from May to July as at several points it requires swimming as well.

Its traversal starts from its spectacular entrance on its south end (near Kerameia village) and finishes at the bridge of Amelantes village on the north. Its entrance is breathtaking, as at this part the ravine is very narrow and its height reaches up to 50 meters. The Nileas river during its long standing passing, formed the shape of these hills creating a coarse, continuous ravine with its two rocky sides reaching at some points a height of up to 80 meters.

Our partner, Trekking Hellas Εύβοια organizes canyon crossings often.