Hot springs of Aedipsos

[15′ away from our premises]

Northern Evia forms a paradise of thermal springs and natural beauty. The Thermal Baths of Aedipsos began to evolve after the 5th century B.C. when the benefits of thermal baths to the human health became known. The town of Aedipsos, with more than 80 thermal bath springs was already known since the ancient times and particularly during the times of the Roman Empire.

Aedipsos still remains famous for its salutary thermal waters. The water of these springs has a temperature of between 40-84° Celsius and are enriched with valuable minerals and trace minerals.

Besides the public natural pools, one can also find several Hydrotherapy Centers in the town.

Doctors recommend the Aedipsos Thermal Baths for conditions such as Degenerative Arthropathies, Rheumatic diseases, Spondylarthritis, Backaches, Sciatica, Post-traumatic Dysmorphias and Ankylosis, Neuralgias, Myalgias, Migraines, Tendonitis, Vascular Diseases and Endocrinological Diseases.

Hot springs of Gialtra





[30′ away from our premises]

The Gialtra Baths is a seaside settlement with hot springs. After the Atalanti earthquake in April 1894, many new thermal springs were emerged. Most of them were dried up after a while, except for Gialtra hot springs. 

In the 1960s a small hydrotherapy center was built, which, unfortunately, today, is abandoned and in a bad condition. These thermal waters are flowing into the sea, where the visitor of these beaches can fully enjoy them.

Hot springs of Ilia

[5′ away from our premises]

The village of Ilia is a picturesque seaside settlement at the foothills of Mount Telethrio. Ilia has thermal springs. The waters of these springs have a temperature of approximately 40 degrees Celsius and are poured out almost at sea level. The hot water presence becomes sensed by the reddish sediment which is deposited in the area and also by the increased temperature.