All the facilities briefly

# Wi-Fi spot

# Free mobile phone charging

# Electric Power in every spot

# Drinkable water in every spot

# Communal fridges 

# Communal freezers 

# Communal kitchen facilities

# Grilling is allowed

# Dishwashing facilities

# Washing machine 

# Laundresses for clothes

# Ironing facilities

# Parking spaces

# Boat Slip facility

# Pet friendly 

# Medical practice for first aid 

# Collaborating external doctor

# Biological waste plant

# Security guarding through the night

# Tavern

# Cafe-Bar

# Grocery store

# Playground

# Activities for children

# Entertainer for the children

# Beach volley court

# Table tennis

# Baskets

# Pétanque spaces

# Tents rental

# Motor home rental

# Yoga sessions

# Massage sessions

# Scuba diving lessons

# Chemical toilet disposal facility

# Camper van disposal facility

# Safe keeping of valuables

# luggage room

1. All our buildings and constructions are made with respect to the environment, making the human element discreet in this beautiful forest and sea engagement.

2. Our spots are spacious (5×5m – 8x9m) and shady as the most of them are under mulberry, pine and olive trees. There is water and power supply available everywhere. The campers can bring electric power anywhere they need it with the use of their own power extension cord.

3. Our 10 communal fridges and 2 freezers cover all needs.

4. In our 2 facilities of communal kitchens there are available 10 spots with gas cookers (0,4 bar). Cooking this way might be a bit slower but it is safe and in compliance to the Fire Service Protocol.

5. There are also washers for the dishwashing and the kitchen utensils.

6. Most of our facilities are free (they are included in the prices). Activities not included in the prices are the Yoga sessions, the Massage sessions, the Scuba lessons and the use of the washing machine.

7. There is a charge for Parking in our premises, but there are spaces for parking outside of our premises, so one can chose to park there with no charge.

8. If a camper prefers to have his own chemical toilet, there is no extra charge.

9. If campers prefer cooking at their own spot with a portable gas cooker, this is allowed.