A big family

          In this home village you can see everyday a care… the neighbour helping a newcomer camper to set up his tent… you see invitations for tsipouro… you see someone getting sick out of the blue at 3 a.m. and a total stranger taking him to the hospital… you see a lady breaking her leg and a fellow camper taking her to Chalkida’s hospital as her husband was in Athens at that time… you see someone lending a bike to a kid who had forgotten theirs… you see a fisher-camper giving away backets of fish to fellow families, or someone cooking their special fish soup recipe for eveyone else… you see 10 men rushing together to help a fisherman bring his boat on shore because of a sudden storm… you see men leaving for work on Mondays and returning on Fridays as they feel confident that in case of emergency someone will  help their family behind… you see someone rushing to help their neighbours put up their tents while raining… you see a mother taking care of someone else’s kid.

          In this home village you can experience mutual respect as you can see people with different political and religious belief or sexual preferences sitting in the same table, sharing a bottle of beer and discussing with no conflicts in between.

         In this home village you can see intimacy and simplicity in people’s relations… You can see numerous people coming all alone and staying for 10-15 days as they feel safe knowing that a big group of friends is waiting for them here.    

          In this home village you can observe the ”paradox” that… the staff and the ”customers” and the owner with his family living together 24/7, using the same facilities, eating the same food from our tavern, swimming on the same beach. They live all together as a big family.

          In this home village you can see friendship, hospitality, care, kindness, safety, mutual respect, tolerance, protection, affection, harmony and understanding wherever you look at.

          As the owner of Campsite Rovies, I feel very proud for my “fellow villagers” and it’s an honor for me to improve and safeguard this village every coming year to be enjoyed by such good people!

It will become your second homeland !!!