Relax in a safe, spotless and peaceful environment

          What makes Camping Rovies so special, are three basic traits: 1. Safety, 2. Exceptional cleanliness and hygiene standard and, 3. The tranquility/peace that people can feel and experience when they live here.

          We have achieved such a level of safety that mums won’t need to mind constantly for their children while playing or participating in activities around. Nobody worries about losing a phone which has been left charging in a public area, because he/she forgot something in the common showers area, or because they left their laptop in their tent while they are away on an excursion. How did we achieve that? By having ONLY one entrance gate where nobody can pass without giving their personal data. And, of course, through constant checks which our personnel carry out in all camping and communal areas.

          We have achieved a work model by which 4 cleaners are combing all buildings every 20 minutes from 7 o’clock in the morning to 12 o’clock midnight. They clean everything as eagerly as if the showers or the toilets were theirs. Three more members of our staff are taking care of the outdoor areas and the rubbish as well. As a result, we constantly keep a spotless environment and a high standard of hygiene in all areas.

          By a thorough implementation and strict compliance of our regulations, we have made possible to “send away” anyone who believes in a no-rules society. Our campers are very conscious persons and with great respect towards the environment, the camping premises, our staff and their fellow campers. When there is mutual respect, people who are totally different can co-exist in harmony. Consequently, we have quietness where there should be quietness, there is laughter where there should be laughter and everyone has a great time.

          The 6 acres of our Camping are divided in two basic sectors. The Family Sector, which is a neighborhood for all the children aged 4-12 years, where you can hear games, laughter, bicycles and there is “noise”. And the Mixed Sector, which is a more suitable place for couples, groups of friends and individual campers.

          Those three significant characteristics have been tested many times, even in our peak season, at 15 of August, when the campsite is packed of people. So, I’m more than proud saying that in our place everyone can ALWAYS enjoy safety, a high hygiene standard and peace.