Greek traditional life

If you’d like to relax, be surrounded by the most peaceful scenery, away from fancy trips and city lights, discover the Greek traditional life at Evia island.

Learn how Mother Nature gives us everything we need by joining a fully organized agrotouristic program.

Explore the unique spots and landscapes of North Evia island, Greece!


Knowledge of Greek Culture

  •  Become a Greek Cook: Discover Greek gastronomy cuisine: make cheese pies, the traditional “tiropitari”, bake bread in traditional oven, and learn how to cook the famous Greek foods, “mousaka” and “gemista”.
  • Be a shepherd: take care of goats, feed them on the mountain and learn how to make Greek cheese and enjoy a traditional barbeque in countryside.
  • Learn all about olives and olive oil: Get knowledge of the most ancient and pure plant on earth, gather the olives and get the oil from them with traditional methods (only September – October-November).
  • Get all the Knowledge about how the must becomes wine from ancient years: Go to a vineyard, gather grapes, squeeze them and get the must from them and then start the fermentation to create wine (only September).
  • Collect Greek honey: Visit the mountains and watch how bees bring back home the pollen and make the original honey. Check all the fantastic sub products they make at their hive and collect the honey from the wax honeycomps.
  • Be a Greek dancer: Learn how to dance traditional Greek dances, sirtaki, zeibekiko etc..
  • Know all about creation of textiles at a wooden loom (argalios).
  • Become a charcoal burner:: Work on the process of “charcoal burning”.
  • Be a Greek fisherman: Have the experience of fishing from a wooden traditional caique.
  • Get a knowhow of famous greek herbs


Terms of Use

  • The registration (with deposit 40% of the total amount) expires 45 days before the starting date of the program.
  • The program will become for a minimum group of 12 persons.
  • 45 days before the starting date we know if there is the minimum group of people or it will be canceled.
  • The deposit is returned in case the program is cancelled (minus banking fees) or remains for the next Greek Traditional Life program.
  • In case there are at least 12 persons the program will be happen and is Locked. The rest of the amount (60% ) is paid within the next 10 days (35 days before the program). After the program is Locked there is no return of any amount.
  • All the participants have to sign third party liability insurance.
  • All the participants have health insurance.
  • Because of the very special way of living during the program, wont be accepted people with serious health problems, children under 15 years old, vegetarians and vegans.
  • Tailor made programs can be prepared for a group of 12 persons.
  • A group of University students may have discount (depend of the number).
  • Η διαμονή μπορεί να γίνει στο Καμπινγκ Ροβιές ή με έξτρα κόστος σε οποιοδήποτε δωμάτιο στις Ροβιές.